Enjoy a half-hour or hour-long tarot/clairvoyant/channelled reading.


Although we use the tarot cards, we do not restrict the session solely to using the cards.  Our readings have nothing to do with ‘fortune telling’, but everything to do with personal growth and development of the real ‘you’, by offering insights into the future and potential pathways to your life, and insights from the past that can be dealt with in order for your present and potential futures to be fully realised.


When coming in for a reading, we ask that you be open-minded with regards the advice or projections given.  In order for the reading to have significance, we also ask that you relax yourself throughout the session as this makes for an easier connection between the reader, yourself, and anyone else who may be a party.  We also encourage you to be interactive, so if you have questions, please feel free to ask.  And if you would like to record your session, just bring in your smart phone to create your own mp3 recording.