Tea-Light Candles

Along with our electric Himalayan salt lamps, we have a range of smaller tea-light lamps that are designed to hold a single tea-light candle.  Unlike the electric ones, these tea-light Himalayan salt candles do not run continuously, going only as long as your tea-light candle lasts.


Like the electric Himalayan salt lamps, the tea-light lamps add a lovely ambience to any room and also help to negatively ionise the room in which they are burning.  As these lamps also attract moisture from the room, we advise you place them tea-light lamp onto a plate of some kind as the salt will feel quite damp from time to time and will likely cause minor damage to the surface it is sitting on should it not be on a plate, tile or some other suitable surface.



Do not leave the tea-light candle going unattended.  Use common sense and blow the candle out should you need to leave the room.  As we all know, leaving an unattended burning candle could lead to fire or could (harm) burn someone, especially children.  Due care should be exercised at ALL times.