Himalayan Salt

Ground Salt, Salt Crystals and Salt Heat Pack

For cooking, or adding to your dinner plate or meal, we have available natural Himalayan ground table salt.  All you need do is fill your salt container or salt pig and start using.


We also have Himalayan salt crystals for those wonderful gastronomic pioneers.  Simply fill your salt grinder and away you go…


For those who may  suffer from muscle fatigue, we also stock the Himalayan salt heat pack.  All you need do is place the heat pack into a warm 80ºC oven (not a gas oven) for about 15-20 minutes, or until the heat pack is sufficiently warmed to your liking.  Should the heat pack become too hot, then place a hand towel around it to protect the person using it.


Once heated to the desired temperature, place the heat pack onto the affected area (using a towel to cover the heat pack should that be necessary).


Common Sense needs to prevail here.  Do not over-heat the pack as it could lead to scolding or burns.  Never leave the heat pack unattended in an oven whilst heating.