Living Light

Icicle Range


From Living Light in Nelson, we currently hold their Icicle Range (we call these ones Lava and Lace as these are the patterns they create when burning).  The Tall candles burn for up to 100 hours, the Medium candles burn up to 90 hours and the small candles burn up to 75 hours.  So, no matter what, you get plenty of burn time with each of the candles.




Bay Berry

Ocean Mist






We have a selection of heart-shaped candles that are particularly popular for that someone special, that significant other, life partner, or whatever other endearing term you prefer to use.  Our large heart candles burn for up to 20 hours, the medium heart candles burn up to 12 hours and the small heart candles burn up to 6 hours.




We have a small selection of rose-shaped Living Light candles that have become quite popular by the younger generations as ideal gifts for their mum, grandmother, partner, or significant other.  These candles burn for up to 20 hours.