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hot stone massageHot Stone Massage

Enjoy a minimum 1½ hour relaxing hot stone massage experience.

We use Sweet Almond oil as our base massaging oil as we find it is closest to our own natural skin oil.

Enjoy the radiant heat and smooth calming strokes infused with energy to assist in your healing.

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Enjoy a relaxing 1 hour therapeutic massage using a variety of massage strokes as well as reflexology on your hands and feet.  All of these infused with healing energy that offers a sense of rejuvenating wellness throughout the whole body.

We use Sweet Almond oil as our base massaging oil as we find it is closest to our own natural skin oil.

We also offer a neck and shoulder massage experience to melt those stresses and tender spots completely away.

energy healingEnergy Healing

Experience the peace and tranquility of our energy healing techniques by allowing yourself to immerse yourself in the healing energies of our dedicated healing room.



crystal healingCrystal Healing

We use only hand-picked crystals – clear quartz, amethyst, celestite, lapis, rose quartz, carnelian, tiger’s eye, jet or black obsidian – to assist with re-energising and re-stimulating your main chakra points from your head chakra to your base chakra.

Enjoy the relaxing and beneficial energies Nature has to offer.


Enjoy a half-hour or hour-long tarot/clairvoyant reading.

Although we use the tarot cards, we do not restrict the session solely to using the cards.  Our readings have nothing to do with ‘fortune telling’, but everything to do with personal growth and development of the real ‘you’, by offering insights into the future and from the past.

spiritual guidanceHypnotherapy

By linking into our subconscious through gentle, unobtrusive hypnotherapy techniques we can give you the necessary tools to cope with those oft-seen difficult periods we encounter from time to time during our sojourn through this lifetime.

Hypnotherapy is not hypnosis, instead it is a method aimed at empowering yourself to overcome problems that you may be facing.

energy healingSpiritual/Intuitive Guidance

Unlike readings, this form of guidance is designed to give you tools to assist you to become the best you can be by delving into your inner being using principles of a spiritual nature to alleviate any dis-ease you may be currently experiencing.

Find us at 1156 Pukuatua Street, Rotorua.

Phone us on 07-393 5128 or 022-658 5128